Garage Door Repair Concord

Tips and Guidelines to repair a garage door

When it comes to a garage door, there are two main components. The door itself and the opener. The repair is often quite simple, but sometimes it can be tricky and might require a professional. In such a scenario, Garage Door Repair Concord has the best services available for all your garage repairs and rescue.

Garage Door Repair Concord
Garage Door Repair Concord

Not just in Concord, but Garage Door Repair Antioch has got the finest professionals ready for you on the go to solve all your problems and rescue you whenever you find yourself stuck. In this article, a few tips and guidelines are provided to help you fix minor garage door problems.

Repairing a Garage Door

• Step 1: The first thing to do is examine all the components correctly. If the bolts have become too loose or too tight, do the needful. If there are little dents or cracks, then that can be repaired. However, if the dents and cracks are too deep, they must be replaced.
• Step 2: With a level, check if the alignment is slightly down towards the back of the garage for a horizontal door. For roll-up doors, the vertical tracks should be exactly plump. Both tracks should be at the same height. If the tracks are not correctly aligned, loosen the bolts but do not unscrew them entirely and tap the tacks into the position. With a level, check the alignment and tighten the screws or bolts.
• Step 3: With a household cleaner, clean the tracks and rollers to remove dirt or hardened grease properly. After the cleaning, wipe and dry the tracks and rollers thoroughly.
• Step 4: Check any loose hardware, and tighten it accordingly. For swing-up doors, check if all the screws are tight enough or if the springs have the correct tension. For roll-up doors, check if the hinges are tight or not.

If it is loose, tighten it accordingly, and if the hinges are damaged, replace them. If the doors are saggy towards one side, they can be repaired by repairing the hinges, either by tightening the screws or replacing them.

If the screw hole is enlarged, use a longer screw of the same diameter with a fiber plug dipped in the carpenter’s glue with the new screw. If there are cracks in the wood, remove the hinge and fill the gap with food filler. Let the filler dry up, and then place the hinge back. If possible, place the hinge on solid wood.


If you have a roll-up door with only one spring at the center, do not try to repair it because the string’s tension is extreme, and the spring might injure you. For such a door, calling for a professional is the best Garage Door Repair in Concord. Then why put yourself at risk?


If you follow the above steps, you can fix minor problems related to your garage door. But if the door still troubles you, call for a professional Garage Door Repair Antioch to help you repair and rescue your garage door.

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